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Bible College provides growing Christians with an opportunity for in-depth Bible-based studying. The courses and study programs offered are flexible and are geared towards meeting the needs of all Christians. We offer study materials that are Word-based, God-inspired and relevant to the 21st century Church.

These courses are a tremendous resource of rich, practical knowledge and wisdom, based on God’s Word, and are an effective aid to spiritual development and suitable for all believers. The courses are practical and geared towards meeting the needs of Pastors, leaders as well as ordinary Christians who are not in a position to attend Bible College on a full time basis. We also encourage those who are young in the Lord to enroll so that spiritual development can take place in an effective manner.


The courses offered are:


  • Certificate In Theology (1st Year)
  • Diploma In Theology (2nd Year)
  • Bachelor In Theology (B. Th.) (3rd & 4th Year)
  • Masters In Theology (M. Th.)
  • Doctorate Degree In Ministry (D. Min)